Hot Yoga
Hot Yoga 
Our Hot Yoga classes consist of a challenging sequence of postures and breathing exercises, praciticed in a heated room. The heat warms the muscles and prevents injury, increases circulation and cleanses the body by flushing out toxins.
The postures are from different styles of Hatha Yoga and set to upbeat yet soothing music. Classes are 90 minutes and include several 'water breaks'.
- improves strength and flexibility
- burns calories, increases circulation and detoxifies the body
- balances body and mind
- reduces stress and anxiety
- helps with insomnia, depression and addictions
- tones the body and increases your general energy
Class Information
- Classes are 90 minutes and begin on time. Please arrive 10 minutes before class.
- Come on an empty stomach (last time you ate should be 3 hours before class).
- Wear light workout clothing.
- Bring your own mat, a large towel (a hand towel can be practical for after class) and a bottle of water (Mandatory!).
- We rent towels and sell yoga mats, bottled water and coconut water (great source of electrolytes and potassium).
- There is plenty of free parking (entire parking lot & street parking).
- Be on time. No late admittance!
- Please take off your shoes at the door. Clean feet in the yoga room.
- No gum, perfumes, cellphones.
- Please follow the instructions given by the teacher.
- Stay in the room for the duration of the class - unless it's an emergency.
- Be mindful of your neighbor.
- Be kind to yourself.
Classes begin promptly!
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